Muncie Community Schools Teacher Recognition

Did you know? Muncie Community School teachers are being recognized for all of their hard work

2019 – 2020 MCS Teachers of The Year

  • East Washington Academy: Leah O’Conner, Special Education Teacher
  • Grissom Elementary School: Natalie Alexander, Second Grade Teacher
  • Longfellow Elementary School: Tara Covault, First Grade Teacher
  • North View Elementary School: Angela Santino, Instructional Coach
  • South View Elementary School: Neenah Spoiker, Kindergarten Teacher
  • West View Elementary School: Kristi Bost, Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Northside Middle School: Lori Church, Instructional Coach
  • Southside Middle School: Tameka Wilson, Sixth Grade Math Teacher
  • Central High School: Sheri Watson, Special Education Teacher
  • Muncie Area Career Center: Jeremy Penrod, Building Teacher
  • Youth Opportunity Center: Suzanna Wilson, English Teacher

District Nominees for the IDOE State Teacher of the Year:

  • Elementary Teacher of the Year: Neenah Spiker, South View Elementary
  • Secondary Teacher of the Year: Tameka Wilson, Southside Middle School