Community Advisory Board

Woof Boom Radio seeks volunteers to sit on Community Advisory Board


The objective of the Community Advisory Board is to raise the awareness of needs and issues impacting the Muncie and Delaware County. Through an improving understanding WERK, WXFN, and WLBC can more effectively use their resources to improve our community’s dialog and comprehension around these matters.


The purpose is to help the radio stations licensed to Muncie/Delaware County identify important issues and concerns that impact this area. The Community Advisory Board (CAB) will define issues in the community that 104.1, 104.9, 1340/102.9 serve. It is important for the CAB to not only take a holistic view of our community and identify needs and areas that may be narrower, overlooked, but equally important. The Board is to advise but is not responsible for daily oversight of the stations’ day to day execution and activities.


The radio stations will use this information to determine programming, news coverage, and community service efforts. Response to the issues identified will be ultimately the responsibility of Woof Boom Radio as the license holder of the stations. The resulting work plan and subsequent activities will be presented to the CAB at their next meeting.


Execution and Specifications:
This Board consists of six members who:
• Have a personal stake in the area (resident or primary work location),
• Possess the desire and ability to advocate for people different than themselves,
• Can organize and prioritize the many community needs and is willing to accept the limitations of our stations (staffing, format constraints, time),
• Understand the needs of an urban community,
• Understand the needs of a rural community,
• Understand the needs of minority and underrepresented communities.


It is also important members:
• Agree to support the Woof Boom values and understand our organization’s mission and vision. (Values: Speak the Truth, Do your Best, Do what you say you will Do, Treat all with Respect, Work with Passion. Mission: We are our best customers marketing partner. Vision: We use our voice to build our Community),
• Be willing to commit to the time requirements (three board meetings each year, occasional phone consult and an initial session to shadow at the station).


The CAB will convene three times per year, additional meetings may be scheduled as a need arises. Meetings will define community needs and issues (both long term & short terms views) and review station’s activities and work plan from prior CAB meetings. It will be a two-hour time commitment for each meeting; this does not include any personal preparation necessary prior to the meeting. Each CAB member will be required to shadow personnel to understand station resources, capabilities, and limitations.


Woof Boom will contribute to an area non-for-profit in recognition for the service of the Community Advisory Board Member.