“You’re Talking: WLBC’s Listening.”

Community Leaders were invited to take part in this series of Radio conversations.  The purpose is to engage our community about issues that we are all concerned about.  If you have suggestions for upcoming guests or subjects, please send us a note – we’ll be glad to consider:  ListenUp@woofboom.com.

April 1 Conversation with organizers of the Drug Task Force in Muncie and Delaware County

Mar. 26 Conversation with Laura Schafnitz from the US Small Business Administration

Mar. 19 Conversation with the Muncie Housing Authority

Mar. 12 Conversation about TIF Districts, and more, with Dr. Michael Hicks, BSU

Mar. 5 Conversation about food insecurity with Robby Tomkins

Feb. 26 Conversation with Dr. Lynn Witty

Feb. 19 Conversation with Marwin Strong

Feb. 12 Conversation with WaTasha Barnes Griffin, and George Foley

Feb. 5 Conversation, with John Rucklehaus, former state Senator.

Jan. 27 Conversation, with Juli Metzger, life long journalist and educator.

Jan. 26 Conversation, with Lathay Pegues, Muncie business owner and former news reporter.

Jan. 25 Conversation, with George Foley, Muncie NCAAP.

Jan. 21 Conversation, with WaTasha Barnes Griffin, CEO, Muncie YWCA

Jan. 20 Conversation, with Bishop Kieth O’Neal, Destiny Christian International, Muncie

Jan. 19 Conversation, with Jim Williams, local attorney, and MCS Board President.

Jan 18 Conversation, with Aimee West, community advocate.

Jan. 15 Conversation, with Mitch Isaacs, from Shafer Leadership Academy.