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Date lost: 5/11/2019
Name: Keyser
Animal: Dog, Schnauzer, Male, Grey and White
Approximate Weight: Small (0-20lbs)
Collar: Yes, blue with little white bones
Last seen: West Memorial Drive & Batavia
Unique Identifiers: Party Meril blue.

Please contact Frank at (765) 228-1186 with any information regarding Keyser.

A $20 reward has been promised for his safe return

Date lost: 5/12/2019
Animal: Dog, Anatolian/Pyranese, Female, Cream with a black muzzle
Approximate Weight: Extra Large (100+ lbs)
Collar: No
Last seen: South Shortcut Rd, off of Highway 3, South Muncie
Unique Identifiers: She’s very friendly and always eager to have her belly rubbed.

Please contact Brenda at (765) 625-0808 with any information regarding this dog.

Date lost: 5/19/2019
Animal: Cat, Siamese, Male, Dark Brown/Sable
Approximate Weight: Small (0-20lbs)
Collar: No
Last seen: Escaped out an open door, Players Club area
Unique Identifiers: Old Siamese on daily meds! Slightly cross-eyed, very blue eyes. Considered an oriental Siamese.

Please contact Randy at (765) 749-8884 with any information regarding this cat.

A $100 Gift Card reward has been promised for his safe return

Date lost: 5/29/2019
Name: Sadie
Animal: Dog, Collie, Female, White and Brown
Approximate Weight: Large (51-100)
Collar: Yes
Last seen: Near Jones Road and Bell Creek Road in Muncie

Please contact Jessica at (765) 603-3030 with any information regarding Sadie

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