• Heat & Humidity A Concern Again Today

    The big story again today is the weather. High temperatures mixed with high humidity will create a dangerous scenario, much like Tuesday. Forecasters say the heat index will hit 100 this afternoon. That’s a danger zone. Best to avoid outdoor activities, drink plenty of fluids. A cool down comes our way tomorrow.

  • Muncie Mom Looses Control

    The heat, alcohol, stress – a tricky mix. A 27 year old Muncie woman arrested after police say she slapped her pregnant neighbor and was too drunk to take care of her four year old son who is recovering from brain surgery.

  • Slay Arrested In MadCo; Charged With Attempted Murder

    Muncie Police called to the scene of a shooting Tuesday morning on East Evans Street. One victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. 27 year-old Brandon L. Slay picked up during a traffic stop in Madison County and charged with attempted murder among other charges. Police say the shooting may be related to a child custody dispute.

  • Didn’t Like Dad’s Message; Attacks Mom

    Get a job or get out; that’s the message to a Muncie man from his father. Police say 31 year old Jesse Randolph didn’t like the message so he attacked his mother. Tried to choke her, put a knife to her throat. Randolph in trouble before charged with battery for beating up his Dad.

  • Kroger Pulls Spices; Orders Recall

    Do you shop at Kroger? The supermarket giant is recalling Ground Cinnamon, Garlic Powder, Coarse Ground Black Pepper and Bac’n Buds due to possible salmonella contamination. If those are on your shelf, return them for a full refund.

  • Marsh Ordered To In-Home Detention & Community Service

    Ewart Kenneth Marsh released from the Madison County Jail Tuesday. He’s the Anderson man who claims he was beaten by four Madison County Sheriff’s deputies after he was arrested on July 11. The judge ordered Marsh to sign up for in-home detention and perform community service.

  • Principal + Superintendent = August 17th Vote

    The Union School Board will decide August 17 on whether to combine the positions of principal and superintendent. Some are opposed to one person doing two jobs. The board president says the school is small enough that it will work.

  • Pendleton Company Awarded Sirmax Rail Spur Project

    All Track Inc out of Pendleton wins the contract to build a rail spur to the Sirmax Industrial Site in Anderson. Expect to see work on the site within a few weeks. Construction work started in May for the Sirmax manufacturing plant on the former Guide property on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near […]

  • More Than Just Fuel At One Truck Stop

    More than just fuel at one truck stop. A 56 year old woman from Warren, Indiana arrested Tuesday after State Police discovered she was running a massage parlor at the Warren Travel Plaza.  Xueli Cui is accused of accepting cash for more than just a massage.

  • Fort Wayne Zoo Unveils Baby Giraffe

    The Fort Wayne Zoo has unveiled the latest addition to their giraffe exhibit in the form of a month old baby named Kiango. The baby giraffe was born on June 14th and made its first public appearance Tuesday morning. The month old is already nearly 7 feet tall and was born at 160lbs.