Lynda Lopez - GMA After Hours

Lynda joins our team to bring us the GMA After Hours show on Monday - Friday from 8pm-1am!

Lynda Lopez joined ABC Radio in 2016 to host “GMA After Hours,” a new, nightly lifestyle and entertainment program for music radio that captures the fun and excitement of “Good Morning America” with a totally unique presentation.

Before joining ABC Radio, Lynda was an Emmy-winning TV personality in New York City covering lifestyle, entertainment and news stories that made her a viewer-favorite on Fox, CW and Tribune stations.  Lynda has also worked on-air for VH1, CBS Radio, Cox Radio and WLIR radio.

Lopez is from the Bronx and currently lives in New York City.

Follow her on Twitter: @lyndalopez08

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Mon - Sat 5am-10am


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